First Network Meeting

First Network Meeting

Wednesday, 10th January 2007
University of Strathclyde

Meeting Location

The Thomas Graham (Chemistry) Building of the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow city centre.

Everything will be held in room TG528 – take the lift near the main entrance directly to the 5th floor.

The Chairman, Andrew Mills’ office is on the third floor, TG336, turn left on exit from lift then through fire door.

List of Participants

  • Tony Byrne + 6 colleagues
  • Andrew Mills
  • David Sheel + 2 colleagues
  • Kristopher Page
  • Paul Christensen
  • Dave Worsley + 3 colleagues
  • Justin Hargreaves
  • Mike Bowker
  • Alex Orlov
  • Kristopher Page
  • Cathy McCullagh
  • Terry Egerton
  • Russell Howe + 3 colleagues
  • Colin Boxall + 4 colleagues
  • Guillermo Benito


  • Claire Bygott
  • Richard Lambert
  • Liz Rowsell
  • Pat Unwin

Presentations Promised So Far

Name Institution Presentation Title
Michael Bowker Cardiff University Anaerobic photocatalysis for hydrogen production
Colin Boxall University of Central Lancashire Photoinduced superhydrophilicity of thin films of mesoporous TiO2
Tony Byrne University of Ulster at Jordanstown Photocatalysis Research at the University of Ulster
Paul Christensen Newcastle University A novel electrochemical device for the disinfection of fluids by OH radicals
Terry Egerton University of Newcastle Photocatalysis and Sunblocks
Justin Hargreaves University of Glasgow Towards visible light photocatalysis as a possible vehicle for the transfer of expertise
Russell Howe University of Aberdeen Photocatalysis at the University of Aberdeen
Kristopher Page UCL CVD of Photocatalytic Coatings: Application in Microbiology
Andrew Mills University of Strathclyde  Methods of Assessing Photocatalytic Activity
Alex Orlov University of Cambridge Photocatalysis, nanotechnology and novel catalysts active under visible light
Peter Robertson Robert Gordon University Review of Photocatalysis Research at the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
David Sheel Salford University Bioactive Titania Films
Dave Worsley Swansea University Photoactivity testing of titania using a flat panel reactor

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