2018 Joint UK&Ireland/Spain Semiconductor Photochemistry meeting, 11/12th September 2018, Gran Canaries

2018 Joint UK&Ireland/Spain Semiconductor Photochemistry meeting, 11/12th September 2018, Gran Canaries

Tuesday, 11th September 2018

2018 Joint UK&Ireland/Spain Semiconductor Photochemistry meeting

(1) Prof. Mike Bowker, Cardiff University; BowkerM@cardiff.ac.uk

“Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production; TiO2 and C3N4 as photo absorbers compared”
(2) Prof Tony Byrne, University of Ulster; j.byrne@ulster.ac.uk

“Photocatalytic and photoelectrolytic disinfection of water”

(3) Prof Andrew Mills, Queens University Belfast; andrew.mills@qub.ac.uk

“FDIS 21066 – a new ISO standard based on a photocatalytic activity indicator ink”
(4) Prof. Jawwad Darr, University College London; j.a.darr@ucl.ac.uk

“High Throughput Synthesis and Screening of Photoactive Nanomaterials”
(5) Dr. Raul Quesada, University College London; r.quesada@ucl.ac.uk

“Conformally-coated photocatalytic TiO2/WO3 nanocarpets for environmental applications”

(6) Dr. Christopher O’Rourke, Queens University Belfast;

“Photocatalyst generated wires from inks”

(7) Dr. Nathan Wells, Queens University Belfast
“Inks for probing the activities of visible-absorbing photocatalysts”

(9) Michael Bingham, Queens University Belfast
“The photocatalysed reforming of MeOH in the gas phase”

(10) Aaaron McNeill, Queens University Belfast
“Characterisation of clear, transparent TiO2 films from P25″

(11) Dr. Michael Nolan, Tyndall Instutute, Cork; michael.nolan@tyndall.ie

“Modelling of modified TiO2 for fuel production”

(12) Stephen Rhatigan, Tyndall Instutute, Cork; stephen.rhatigan@tyndall.ie

“DFT studies of nanostructured metal oxides for photocatalysis.”

(13) Giovanni Zummo, Swansea University; G.ZUMMO.966114@swansea.ac.uk

“Low-temperature synthesis and processing of aqueous TiO2 colloids for manufacturing of self-cleaning glass products”

(14) Daniel Commandeur, Sussex University; Qiao.Chen@sussex.ac.uk

“Solar water splitting using Y doped ZnO nanowires coated with rust”

(15) Munirah Alhar, Sussex University

“Highly Selective photocatalytic oxidation of alcohol with radical mediated in biphasic reactions”

(16) Emmanuel Kamba, Sussex University

“Heterogeneous  Photocatalytic Epoxidation of alkenes with metal oxide semiconductors”

(17) Maria Ana Cortes, University of Ulster,

“Photocatalytic and Photoelectrocatalytic CO2 reduction”

(18) Anukriti Singh, University of Ulster,

“2D/2D WO3-C3N4 composites for the solar photocatalytic disinfection of water”

(19) Stuart McMichael, University of Ulster,

“Photoelectrocatalytic Reactor for the disinfection of water”

(20) Nathan Skillen, Queens University Belfast; N.Skillen@qub.ac.uk

“Making the most of waste; photocatalytic reactor technology for the conversion of cellulose and glycerol”

(21) Verity Piercy, University of Liverpool; V.Piercy@liverpool.ac.uk

“Band Gap Engineering of Carbon Nitride – Understanding Reactivity Trends”


Speakers from Spain semiconductor photochemistry network to be announced.
Please note – all welcome.  If you wish to give a presentation – academic (including PhD and MPhil students) or industrial) – or just to attend, then please email Prof. Mills at the UK&I SPC Network (andrew.mills@qub.ac.uk) asap.

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