2014 Winter Meeting and Photocatalyst Inks Workshop

2014 Winter Meeting and Photocatalyst Inks Workshop

Monday, 13th January 2014
Queen’s University Belfast

Current speakers include:

  • Professor Paul McIntyre (Stanford University) – on the photocleavage of water using silicon as the photocatalyst
  • Professor Jose Peral (Autonomous University of Barcelona) – on the current thinking on the mechanism(s) underlying semiconductor photomineralisation of organics
  • Dr. Philip Davies – on semiconductor water purification in SE Asia
  • Professor Andrew Mills – on the creation of a new CEN standard based on photocatalyst activity indicator inks

If you (or your students or post docs) would also like to present at the Winter Network – please let Ros or I know. It would also be helpful if you could let us know if you will be attending the Network meeting.

Dear Network Member

This is to announce the date and location of the next meeting of the UK&I Semiconductor Photochemistry Network (see above) and also that we have planned a subsequent 1/2 day workshop (on the 14th January) on photocatalyst activity indicator inks.  Some of you will know that there has been a group of us (INTEC) working on these inks to make them part of a European Standard (http://www.fp7-intec.eu/index.html).  We have made good progress in INTEC and I think it is opportune for all in the UK&I group to learn more about, and use, the latest inks – for low, medium and high activity photocatalyst materials.  If you are unsure what a photocatalytic activity indicator ink is – see the attached galley proof of a paper on one of them (there are 3) used by INTEC.  Thus, the plan is to have a hands on workshop (on 14th January) –directly after the UK&I meeting.  For the moment – we are restricting the workshop to just 1 nominated person from each group/company.  You can bring your own photocatalyst samples to try if you like (although – we would appreciate a sample beforehand just to check which ink is appropriate.  In most cases, I will be expecting the people nominated for the workshop (usually, pdras or postgrads) to give small (15 min) talks on their current research at the UK&I meeting on 13th January, i.e. the day before the workshop.  I’ll also be arranging for a couple of significant guest speakers for the Network meeting on the 13th January – although, as always – if you’d like to present at the Network meeting – let us know – with a suggested title.

Please let Ros and I know if you will be able to attend the meeting on 13th and whether or not you’d like someone to attend the workshop meeting.

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